Eastern Odyssey

The Golden Voice is First Heard

Session 11 - A translation from the Dwemer tome Saints of Berronar Truesilver vol. XXV

Note from the translator – It is impossible to verify the veracity of this tome as it is not a first hand account, not that I doubt the veracity of the scribes of the temple of Berronar Truesilver but these accounts are often embellished to impress the laity. Nor can it be accurately dated by this translator since these writings are often dated using references to different holy events and since over two thirds of the tome were damaged beyond reading or missing I don’t have enough references to accurately date the history even with extensive cross referencing. But enjoy the tale dear reader I translate for your enjoyment as much as my own

_Clemcog Pikewhistle
Gnomish Sage
In the employ of house Stotterclock

…and in the early days of his wandering Saint Hargin, The Hammer of Truesilver, did fall in with a motley assortment of fellows. Not all were evil, not all were tainted, yet several were ungodly and all were heathens as none among them were Dwarves. Here then is the first tale of the Company of the Golden Way.

In those early days our fierce defender went by his given name of Thrain Battlehammer and as he was en route to the city of Phent to find answers to questions he sorely needed answered he stopped a while and pondered the possible reasons that an unmarked obelisk would be along the path, yet not in a way that marked it or otherwise directed travellers. As he began to commune with Mother Berronar these beings came upon him. One among them a Teifling named Karion beseeched him to help break the obelisk as it was some sort of nefarious object that served an evil purpose. With a single blow of his mighty hammer our Saint laid low the obelisk and joined this band since they were headed to Phent as well and they seemed in need of assistance both spiritual and otherwise. In addition to Karion, the band consisted of Cole a human paladin of Illmater, Hammah a rather stout warrior, and Wyinn an elfling of some sort.

As they trekked towards Phent the fellowship came upon the caravan of Lord Grimjaw of Demarra and his delegation on their way to a gala to be held by the lord of that city. They were waylaid by foul creatures of the nether realms, fiends of a demonic sort that blighted the land as they moved across it. Our mighty Saint summoned the spirits of the Goddess to combat the fiends in a way mere weapons could not and they were vanquished. Cole, Karion, Hammah, and even Wynin assisted our lord by distracting the demons for a time. Lord Grimjaw was quite grateful and invited all of the fellowship to the upcoming gala as his guests. He also asked that our be-sainted lord call upon him while he rested in the court of Phent.

When the fellowship and Lord Grimjaw’s caravan reached the city of Phent it became obvious to the beloved of our Goddess that the city’s government had fallen into the hands of disreputable men. A gang of ruffians had taken up position at the city’s gate and barred our lord and his newfound companions from entry to the city unless they paid a hefty sum in gold. Our anointed one noticed among the company a dwarf claiming to be a cleric of Moradin, though he could not be following the tenets of that mighty husband of our Goddess and protector of all dwarves if he followed in the footsteps of the rabble he seemed to accompany. Also, a pretender claiming to be a paladin of Tyr was among the rabble. After a sermon by Thrain expounding upon the goodness and love of the Goddess, the gates of the city spontaneously opened unto him by her grace as she was much pleased with his words and actions.

Upon entering the city, our hero was disappointed in the actions of most of his companions because they almost immediately sought out the company of brothel bound women, prostitution being an abomination in the eyes of the Goddess, Thrain rebuked them for their wickedness. He went instead to find what answers he could to the questions that burned in his mind and heart. After finding neither answers nor solace, Thrain then accompanied Karion to the city’s hall where he confronted Ugadesh the Unclean, so called lord of the city about the treatment he suffered at the city gates. At being chastised by so holy a personage as Saint Hargin, the unclean orc-thing begged our lord to take charge of the city’s guard and also be a guest of honor at the reception gala to be held two nights hence at the governor’s palace. Thrain rejected the paltry honors thrown at his feet by the canting orc and strode forth from the hall to seek his night’s rest with any of the dwarven faithful that he might find.

The faithless Wynin after debasing himself in what ways he could in Phent’s ample underbelly came to the fellowship with information that would eventually prove valuable to them. The merchant class their trade being laid low by the debauchery and corruption rampant in the city were agitated and ready for something to change. That night plans and schemes were conceived and birthed, against the wisdom of the Goddess’ words delivered by Saint Hargin, and the result was fraught with disappointment for Wynin and Karion.

His companions being hired by Ugadesh the Unclean to participate in the city’s defense, our hero vowed to protect the city and lead by example as a means to cleanse the wickedness of the place and show the inhabitants righteous conduct that would lead to a betterment of their lives. His first brick laid into the foundation of that grand edifice was the stemming of the opiate trade into the city. His fellows helped him defeat a caravan from the Nine Golden Swords criminal enterprise that attempted to run down the West gate of the city. The vile substance and it’s wagons were burnt to the ground.

The next night, Saint Hargin and his company were recognized for their heroism and the good deeds they had performed in the few days since they had been in the city of Phent at the reception gala being held for Lord Grimjaw. One of lord Grimjaw’s retinue having fallen ill, Thrain immediately offered his help to heal the barbarian in any way he could. Upon examination, it was clear that the barbarian was possessed by a demonic presence, but with the assistance of Cole, our hero was able to exorcize the presence and keep it from harming any of the others at the gala while healing the barbarian’s wounds.

As a result, Thrain saw the good in most of the party due to their actions in those few days and pledged to become a member of the Company of the Golden Way so long as he felt that his duty did not lie in another direction…


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The Golden Voice is First Heard
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