Eastern Odyssey

Caught in the Middle

Session 3

Our party of adventurers awakens in the morning and meets in the common room of The Slumbering Drake. However, there is an obvious absences as Wynnin does not appear for breakfast. The party assumes that Wynnin is off trying to locate Breanna and instead decides to go to the mausoleums to find out what is behind the awakening of the dead.

The party includes:
Karion Hope; a Tiefling Warlock
Hamma Pashar; a Human Fighter
TheArtist: a Half-Elf Bard
Acorn; a Dwarven Sorcerer

As they are scouting out the wrought iron walls that surround the mausaleums, they notice that the gates are locked with heavy chains and guarded by two of the city watch. As they continue their examination of the outer walls, they notice that another group of adventurers is allowed passage by the guards. They then approach the guards and are told that they may only be allowed in by order of Ugadesh. TheArtist does some not-so-fast talking and eventually bribes the watchmen to allow the group into the mausoleums. As they search the grounds they notice the other adventurers go into a mausoleum located in the northeast corner of the grounds. Rather than follow the group they search through some rather uninteresting mausoleums located throughout the graveyard.

They finally decide to follow the other group and in the outermost chamber discover the dead bodies of two large worgs. As they are examining the bodies they hear sounds of combat coming up from a stairway in the northern wall. The party quickly draws weapons and hurry down to the next chamber just in time to hear the combat end. Within this large room filled with stone coffins, they discover the dispatched corpses of several skeletons. As they investigate the bodies, they hear combat taking place through a doorway in the westernmost wall.

The party moves through the doorway and encounter a group of five adventurers battling automatons. When they attempt to join the other group, they are rebuffed for their aid. Once combat ends, they are told that this is a bounty being retrieved and they are not welcome in joining the foray deeper into the mausoleum. After some angry words are exchanged by both parties, our adventurers decide to leave the other to their work and exit the mausoleum.

After exiting the mausoleum, the party returns to The Slumbering Drake and discuss their next actions. They decide to investigate further the disappearance of Breanna and head toward the brothel. When they arrive, they are given access to Breanna’s room. While some investigate the room, others talk to her co-workers and discover that she had a man who professed his love to her regularly, named Numer. Uncovering very little as far as clues, the party decides to return to The Slumbering Drake to discuss their next move.

While at the inn, the group overhears that they may have found one of the group who was responsible for sacking the safe house. The party of adventurers realize they must be talking about Wynnin and follow the group into an alleyway. As they enter the alley, they notice that there is another group at the other end of the alley that are clearly waiting for The Shadowmasters. The Shadowmasters draw weapons and clearly have the intention of teaching a lesson to the others blocking their path. As the two other groups move into a section of the alley that opens up, the party realizes this is a gang war between the Nine Golden Swords and their arch-rivals, The Shadowmasters. The party soon realizes that The Shadowmasters have been lured into a trap as monks move past them soundlessly to attack The Shadowmasters from both sides.

Our party is unsure of who to aid in the battle, and are paralyzed by indecision as they watch The Shadowmasters to fall to their enemy, the Nine Golden Swords. As the battle ends, the Nine Golden Swords bind the fallen thieves and begin to move off down a side alley. The party stays behind and questions a thief that has been left for them by the Nine Golden Swords.

They learn that the group of thieves had information from an informant on the whereabouts of Wynnin and were headed to the informants house. The informant, it turns out, is none other than Mergent Otut. The party also learns from the fallen thief that the Nine Golden Swords are thought by The Shadowmasters to be responsible for the abductions within the city so that those captured might be sold as slaves. The party quickly heads over to Mergent’s estate and enter the residence forcefully. They search the house and find Wynnin in Jezzara’s room. They then quickly move to Mergent’s room to find an open window with the curtains blowing in the night air. When they look out the window, they see Mergent disappearing into the night.

When they search his office, they find information that tells them that Mergent Otut has been closely aligned with The Shadowmasters. Among the notes they find information on several safe houses as well as government officials who are on the payroll of the thieves’ guild. Notably are the Magister and several judges as well as other city officials. There is also info on those opposed to the thieves’ guild including the wife of the mayor and Ugadesh.

There is also some information regarding townsfolk who are thought to be friendly. Most notably is Alkiel, the town’s coffin maker. His coffins are regularly transported to a variety of cities across the Unapproachable East.

The party makes their way to the keep to speak to Ugadesh and give him their information. Ugadesh is grateful and offers a deputy position within the city guard to all of the party members. Only Karion Hope and Hamma Pashar take him up on the offer. When asked, he tells the party that he would interested in the group uncovering information about the workings of the Nine Golden Swords within the city of Phent. The party agrees.

After some discussion, the group decides to follow a transport of coffins outside of town, and with their newly acquired authority, search the coffins. Certain enough, the group finds that the bodies of the fallen thieves placed in some sort of stasis within the coffins being transported to a location approximately 75 miles outside of town, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. As the story comes to a close, the group decides to drive the wagons to the delivery point and find out who is on hand to receive the shipment.


Totally wish I was able to make the next one! Can’t wait to read what happens next!
On a side note – NO WAY am I letting Corey upload a photo!

Caught in the Middle
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