Eastern Odyssey

The Darkness

Session 6

They say writing can be a healthy form of expression but I am not sure if I am ready for all that now…alas I will give it a try. The green elf maiden, Alanis, in which the party saved a couple days, encouraged me to commit my adventures to ink….and so I shall.

We made haste after the Banshee attack back to the shelter of Phent. I doubted Phent would be a safe haven for us while we rested and attended to supplies, and I was correct. It seems the city has become the latest chess board between the Shadow Wankers and Nine Golden Baboons leaving the decent people of Phent the pawns.

Once back in town, the good Paladin Cole tended to the folks that we freed while I gave special attention to Alanis. For some reason, I do not fancy her as I do my other distractions. She is easy to talk to and I like her around me. She reminds me as I once was, my heritage, my past, the past I keep running from. I have hide from it for decades now, a blink of an eye to an elf, but for me it seems like centuries ago. After hours of conversing with her, I decided I needed a break from emotion and visited Jezzera…shit was too deep for me and I needed a breather. Jezzera is attempting to take over her father’s business and unfortunately, I had to listen to her whine for a bit before I got what I was after.

It was nice to sleep in a soft bed and eat a hot meal. I don’t fancy myself as a road warrior and I suspected most of the party agreed as we slept long and hard that night to include Cole. Hammah needed a couple of days before he was road worthy, so he was out. The exception was the Druid maiden Acacia, she pushed out early into town and apparently learned that the governor’s mansion has been sieged and the governor and his family were being held hostage. She alerted the rest of the party.

My friend Karion set off to talk to the Captain of the Guard, Ugadesh. Karion still has trust with that Half Orc dolt, and went to visit him for guidance during the siege of the Governor’s mansion. Cole was pushing towards his temple before being rerouted over to the mansion. When I heard what was going on, I decided to head over there to check it out. I already knew Cole and Karion would want to resolve this, so I decided to try and get a head of the game.

I’m not sure why, I did not really have a plan, it seemed like a great idea, but I decided to attempt to incite a riot and spool up the townsfolks. There was a moron inside the mansion that was already doing it and I figured to help him out. May get us a free pass inside to negotiate or allow the townsfolk to push through to the mansion and give us an opportunity to sneak in. While on my makeshift pulpit commonly known as a lamp post, I caught Karion’s stern eye indicting that his plans were not in parallel to mine and I reluctantly hopped down and rejoined the rest of the party.

Karion indicated that we were to save the Governor and we needed to get inside the mansion. There were some suggestions to look for some hidden entrances and I offered up the sewers. However, if I were to siege a mansion and take hostages, I would post an army around the basement and sewer entrance and alas I was right. We made our way into the sewers and from the start, fought wave after wave of “Shadow Wankers” inside the mansion. DeArtist casually joined while entering though the sewers, it was good to have his inspiration around.

Our tactics were simple, DeArtist and I scouted ahead, we ambushed and then intercept the squirters trying to alert the rest of the bad guys. Acacia would shape change into a large cat which was deadly and effective. Cole provided shield cover and bashed well. I excitedly watched Karion bolts of magic push back hordes of fuck sticks to the ground and saw opportunity there. DeArtist’s magic is getting deadly as whirly blades of knives appeared from thin air to slice and dice. His tunes seemed to inspire Cole. The tactics was simple and effective, but I figured Tymora’s luck would wear thin and decided to capture and interrogate one of the peons participating in the siege.

The jackass sang like a Lark when threatened. They were not really Shadow Masters, but Nine Golden Swords ass wanks posing like Shadow Fucks to “frame” them. He gave up information, but they key was that the governor and his family was not among the hostages. I let him go on his merry way.

I dressed DeArtist and myself as Nine Golden Sword members to perform the old fake prisoner ruse to head right up to the boss. It worked, but he was well protected. I quickly sliced at one of his guards to try and gain the element of surprise, but he did not drop. My jaw did as his bodyguard detachment moved to open up the middle ground. I decided to parley which turned out to be useless as the Chief’s intention was to get us to move into the middle room, something we all found very suspicious. I scanned for traps but did not find any. Cole ended talk by charging at one of the bodyguards and chaos erupted.

I darted in behind Cole to assist, but one of the bodyguards broke away to start slaying prisoners as Cole got surrounded by enemies. My gut wanted to help him out, but I knew Cole and he would have wanted me to save the innocent and helpless. Karion dropped a darkness spell which we soon learned only aided the enemy. They also dropped magical darkness and were able to sense us through it, and there was nothing we could do. I listened helplessly as I heard Cole dropped as waves after waves slammed into him as I helplessly took swings of the executioner. I heard the door slam shut and feared the party was now separated.

I don’t fear death, but this was one situation in which my migration to Arvandor was evident, a place I may not be welcome in. I use the shadows to my advantage all the time, but this was magical darkness and my vision sucked. I was useless, outnumbered and trapped. I was enraged that my friends and adventuring companions did not enter the room to help Cole. Hammah picked a bad day to take a break.

My mind wandered elsewhere as I start to accept my fate until I saw a magical blast of fire and briefly saw Karion burn the Nine Sword leader and his bodyguards with his magic. One of his abilities is to see through magical darkness and he had managed to push into the room before the door was shut. Later, I heard the door open and combat erupt from within the mansion. Either the town guard finally got un-lazy, or something else was brewing, but it was enough for the Nine Sword to exfil quickly.

As the darkness fell and we started to regroup, the Shadow Masters lead by Mergent had also decided to assault the mansion. They did not want their “good name” tarnished by The Nine Golden Swords. When the assault was done, I one fingered saluted Mergent and he departed. We were too beat to pursue and he left. I am sure we will see both of them again one day.

This day ran deep for me. Never has anyone been sought to bring up my past as Alanis as done. She seemed to sense that she knew who I was and the genocidal disgrace I caused. It is nothing but bottomless sorrow, and still feels like a cold dagger piecing my heart. During the end of the siege when the magical darkness came out, I was there again…it’s how they fight. That stint mimicked the day I lost everything.

My short time among the humans is what I know now and comfortable with…I want to not care again, for my own sanity I need to not care. I’m done penning this…back to my drink.


Nicely done man! Looks like I missed a good time. Hope to see you all in two weeks :)

The Darkness

Great job, Kelly. I enjoyed reading your write up.

The Darkness

I really liked this. Sorry I’m late in reading it.

The Darkness
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