Cole of Earthwood

Paladin of Ilmater, calls the Yellow Rose Monastery his home


AC 20, Half-plate & shield, Silver Longsword +1


A shiny longsword, half-plate mail armor, along with a shield embossed with the image of 2 hands bound with red cord… is that a small yellow flower on his chest?
Taken in by the Monks of the Yellow Rose as an orphaned child from the Earthwood Forest, Cole grew strong in his beliefs as well as his adept healing powers in the name of Ilmater. Those who stand opposed risk the full wrath of the deity thru his most passionate vessel.
Championing to the aid of anyone who suffers, just as his boyhood idol, Saint Sollars the Twice-Martyred, Cole wears his allegiance proud and strong. Using his quick step, strong arm and bleeding heart he will gladly lay his life in the service of his God or Yellow Rose Monastery.

Cole of Earthwood

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