Captain of the Town Guard in Phent


Ugadesh is the brusque, half-orc leader of the town guard. He seems to take his job seriously and is not one most would feel safe when crossing. He currently resides in the main keep in Phent from where he organizes the safety of the town guard and the byways leading into the city.

Ugadesh is an imposing figure in his scale male and wielding a large greatsword. When he speaks it is with an authority that creates a desire in those hearing his voice to follow his commands unquestioningly. He is a good choice for a leader of citywide protection as his bearing is likely to cow even the most raucous of townsfolk.

Recently, he had an attempt on his life within the marketplace of Phent assumed to be a scheme put in place by The Shadowmasters. Thanks to our group of intrepid adventurers he has come across a significant amount of information regarding the inroads The Shadowmasters have made into the inner workings of politics within the city. What he will do with this information is still to be determined when the group of adventurers left town.



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