Eastern Odyssey


Session 11 - Finders Keepers

My travels have taken me all over the north, but this is the first time I have travelled the Unapproachable East. There are some stories that are worth telling. The folk are indeed colorful and strange.

I remember a time when I ran across this interesting crew of a dwarf, an elf, two men, and a tiefling. I met them as I made camp one night, as I was watching the fire being tended, this group hailed me from the road. Of most interest to me was their friendly attitude. Those are not everyday. But I digress. As we began our friendly exchanges, they attacked. Of course, my barbarians held them off, but our new friends fought bravely.

They joined us in our meal and we talked about the surrounding lands. A stranger in this area, it behooves me to understand the local politics. I am the ambassador of Damara. I have gained more than any would have guessed.

We had the finest food, we had the finest wine, and Whynn might drink more wine than me. They even made me cry with laughter as they told me of the orcs in the nearby castle.

We fought together, we ate together, we drank together, we laughed together.

When we arrived at Phent, they said they had some problem to take care of in town with some man named Ugadesh. Perhaps it was in regard to that spat they had with the town guard. Anyway, it is none of my concern. They probably had to go clean a latrine.

More interesting, I saw them at the Governor’s Ball. I realized their efforts were not nearly as coordinated in a public place. They flitted and fluttered all over that place. Hammah and Whynn just disappeared, reappeared, and disappeared. One of the men and a dwarf had some incident they needed to tend to somewhere. It was not for naught.

I had a very interesting conversation…

But there is still much to be done…


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