Eastern Odyssey

Schemes Foiled
Session 2

The adventurers find themselves rejoining the next morning within the dining area of The Slumbering Drake to discuss what their next adventures will entail.

The party consists of:

Wynnin; the Half-Elven Rogue
TheArtist; a Half-Elven Bard
Acorn; a Dwarven Sorcerer
Karion Hope; a Tiefling Warlock.
Hamma Pashar; a Human Warrior.
Mina; a Dwarven Barbarian

The group initially decides to head down to the safe house in which they just vanquished the thieves and explore the sewers below. As they head down some random passages they find a section of tunnel in which the wall is cracked pretty severely. As they look into the fissure, they are suddenly attacked by a group of shadows. The shadows quickly knock Theartist unconscious as well as Hamma Pashar. The group decides that retreat is the best option. They heal their wounds and head back to the crack and TheArtist explores into the area squeezing into the hole in the wall. He is quickly overwhelmed by several more shadows. The rest of the party fight them off and Wynnin pulls him from the fissure and the party again retreats, deciding that perhaps the sewers aren’t the safest of routes through the city.

When they return to The Slumbering Drake they find a poster stating that Crazy Eddie is having a half off sale in leather armors. The party heads to the marketplace. While wandering through the marketplace they see ?, the girl they saved earlier from abduction by orcs. She comes up to her saviors and introduces them to her father, Mergent Otut. Mergent thanks the group for saving their daughter and says he has a job for them if they will only come by his estate later that day. As they continue making their rounds through the marketplace, a merchant screams out that he is being robbed, and a thief quickly disappears into an alleyway. Ugadesh, the Captain of the Town Guard, also happens to be making his way through the marketplace surrounded by henchmen. The henchmen are dispatched by Ugadesh to deal with the issue. After his men leave his side, Wynnin notices four unsavory characters closing in on Ugadesh from all sides. As the ruffians pull knives coated in poison, Wynnin calls out to Ugadesh telling him to watch out. Ugadesh quickly takes a defensive stance as one of the combatants attempts to stab him in the back, missing thanks to Wynnin’s quick thinking.

The crowd parts as combat ensues and the party quickly dispatches the four would-be assassins before they fell Ugadesh. As the skirmish ends, the guards return from the alleyway stating they have found a murderer with Renaldo being surrounded by the guards. Ugadesh thanks the party for their life saving measures and tells them to come to the keep where he can thank them properly. He then turns to his henchmen and instructs them to take the murder to the keep for meet justice.

Wynnin stays behind and inspects the alleyway seeing four murdered corpses who are only barely recognizable as those who were extorting gold from local business. The same group which the party had encountered just the other day. He does notice, however, that the blood is dried and the murders were not committed just prior to Renaldo’s appearance in the ally. He also notices that blood has not pooled around the body leading him to believe the murders were not committed where the bodies were found. He decides that he is unsure it was Renaldo at all and perhaps he was being framed.

The party then continues some shopping within the marketplace deciding to go see Ugadesh later that evening. As dusk approaches, the party goes to see Ugadesh in the keep. The Captain brings them into a meeting room and gives them 50 gp for saving his life. Additionally, he tells them that there is a reward of 500 gp for any group willing to clear the mausoleums. The party says they are not really interested in dealing with undead, but they will consider the opportunity and return if they change their minds. But, before they leave, they ask Ugadesh if they can question the prisoner Renaldo about the day’s events and Ugadesh agrees.

They party proceeds down to the dungeons, where Renaldo is being held. They ask him if he can recall anything about what happened that day. Renaldo says that the last thing he can recall is someone saying “Hello, pretty pretty.” He then had a burlap sack placed over his head, at the base of his skull and then everything went black. They press him further and he maintains his story. Renaldo begs the party to find his captor, thereby proving that he was not the one who committed the murders.

The party then heads over to Mergent’s estate. They are welcomed by his valet and are ushered into a parlor. Mergent arrives shortly after they are seated and calls for a bottle of Aglarondan wine. As the party drinks the spirits, he tells them that he is scheduled to meet a rather nefarious character the next night to deliver a payment for services. When asked what the services are, he is quick to state that he’d rather not go into detail, but the party should rest assured that he is concerned for his well-being based on the reputation of the other party. He offers a payment of 50 gp should the party meet with the payee and conduct the transaction on the next eve in the warehouse district. The party agrees and returns to The Slumbering Drake for a good night’s rest.

The next day the party decides to explore town trying to track down the person known to say “Hello, pretty pretty.” After some interesting rendezvous with a variety of townsfolk, they are told that a thug named Rug has been known to use the phrase when prizes are within his grasp.

That night, they return to Mergent and collect the sum to be delivered. As they head into the market district they find a man wearing a fur trimmed cloak standing in the shadows of one of the warehouses. Wynnin decides to scout out the area on top of some of the warehouses and finds and ambush being set for the party.

When the party closes, the shadowy figure moves towards them and says “Hello, pretty pretty.” Combat ensues between the figure, his three henchmen and his allies laying in wait atop the warehouses. The party quickly deals with the foes, taking the man prisoner who reveals his name to be Rug. They question Rug and he spills the information regarding the murders performed in the ally.

His story goes something like:

“I am a member of an organization and was instructed by my superiors to kill some members of the guild who had revealed certain secrets. Around the same time I was hired by Mergent to deal with a man who had been seducing his daughter. I decided to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, and framed the boy for the murder of the guild members.”

The party delivers Rug to Ugadesh and explain the story, securing the release of Renaldo. Wynnin convinces Renaldo that he needs to leave town quickly, since The Shadowmasters are now hot on his trail. Renaldo agrees to leave for Telflamm immediately.

The group then returns and while the majority of the group enters through the front door, Wynnin drops out of site and climbs a vine attached to a trellis and quietly enters Jezzara’s room. Mergent meets the rest of the adventurers in the parlor and they proceed to tell him they know what happened between himself and Rug. They agree to keep quiet should he allow them to keep the payoff, the reward, and provide them with jobs in the future. Mergent skeptically agrees instructing the party, “I am not an endless well of gold for you to blackmail.” The party ensures him that they are not going to return seeking further funds for their silence.

The party returns to The Slumbering Drake to enjoy the fruits of their labor in wine, women, and song sung by TheArtist. As the party sits around the table, Nicky, a friend of Wynnin comes and asks Wynnin if he has seen Breanna as she has been missing for several days.

An Introduction
Session 1

Our players find themselves in the town a Phent looking for adventure. The group meets and makes introductions within the largest inn in Phent called The Slumbering Drake. The party quickly learns of several worrisome issues which include undead accosting visitors within the graveyard filled with mausoleums within the city walls. Additionally, there have been multiple rumors regarding the disappearances of many of the citizens of the town.

Our cast of brave adventurers includes:
Wynnin; a half-elf rogue
TheArtist; an Half-Elf Bard
Mace; a warforged paladin
Hammah Pashar, a human warrior.

Along with the rumored issues within the city, the party is aware that The Shadowmasters have recently been making inroads into the government of the city. This is said to be an attempt to gain income from the prosperous trade that occurs within the city of Phent as a populated way-stop along The Golden Way. Many scoff at this rumor because little evidence has been obtained which validates the seemingly unbelievable rumor.

If this is true, it is surely being opposed by The Nine Golden Swords, a group of predominantly Shou monks. The Nine Golden Swords are a yakuza type organization that is based out of Phsant, a large city east northeast of Phent and a large city along The Golden Way. The Nine Golden Swords have yet to be seen by any of the townsfolk lending further evidence that the rumors of The Shadowmasters are nothing but rumors.

Wynnin uncovers a small group of thieves engaging in the profitable business of extortion, whose victims include the Madam of the bordello that Wynnin calls home. The group decides to find and exterminate the threat so that the shopkeepers in town may engage in their given trades peacefully.

That evening, outside of a local bakery, the party observe a small group of thugs collecting “taxes” and accost the group in the street. After a well placed charm spell by ?, the bard. The group relieves the thugs of their gold and find the location of the safe house to which they deliver the goods. The thugs announce that they are members of The Shadomasters and Wynnin decides better of the plan. The rest of the group wants to take the goods, and clear out the safe house and persuade Wynnin to follow in their proposed exploits, against his better judgement.

During their discussions, the party hears the screams of a damsel in distress and run to her aid. As they come across the scene, they see a human figure with a burlap sack over her head being carried on the shoulder of a massive orc towards waiting horses. They successfully fell the orc carrying the package and one of his orc cohorts, but lose the third as he mounts his horse and rides out of town to the east.

Our brave adventurers then proceed to the safe house and are turned away after they give an incorrect passphrase and are attacked in force by several crossbowmen strategically placed in several second story windows. Not to be turned away, the adventurers return to the safe house after healing their wounds and take out the residents of the safe house including the leader of the gang finding a secret passage into the sewers of Phent.

After relieving the coin from the extortionists, the party returns to The Slumbering Drake and decide better regarding tracking down the abductors or dealing with the undead within the graveyard.


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