Phent is large fortress city in Thesk along the Golden Way.

Phent is a sprawling fortress that carries with it a heavy feeling of duty, many people here are retired knights and derelict guards, many of Faerûn’s best human made weapons and armors can be found here. Recently there has been an influx of Gnomish engineers bringing in their expertise to expand the value and variety of the master craftsmen here.

Many traders make their stop here as they travel between Kara-Tur and Telflamm. While staying in town, many of these traders choose to stay at The Slumbering Drake which caters to traders and adventurers. The city is walled but has a large population outside of these walls as well. Recently the population has swelled as many have been displaced from Telflamm since the rise of the waters within the Sea of Fallen Stars.

The Captain of the Town Guard in Phent is Ugadesh, a half-orc warrior. Recently an attempt was made on his life and it is yet unseen as to what the results of this attack will be with regard to the operation of the city.


A dragon’s-eye-view of Phent


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