Eastern Odyssey

The Consoler

Session 10

Alanis placed the pot of water over the open fire to heat it up. She took up residence at the temple of Chauntea in Phent after she was rescued. The place worked for her…temporarily. After she placed the pot on the fire she looked up, still facing the fire.

“You absolutely reek”, she said while staring gazing into the fire.

“You wanna fuck. I am in town for a bit”, a male elven voice from behind her slurred.

Alanis turned around slowly to face her Cosby. She knew who he was, but was not keen on his delivery method. He emerged from the shadows, disheveled and looking beat. His long raveled black hair attempted to remained tied in a ponytail. His cheap leather armor still out of repair and looking battle worn. About the only redeeming factors within him was his fine elven black cloak that lightly draped along the floor and his blood shot piercing green eyes that for sure has been the killing blow to many weak willed maidens. The slow rocking back and forth indicated he had much drink in him.

“Wynnn…” Alanis said with disappointment.

“Aye…let’s get that robe off of you.” was the response.

Alanis turn away from him, back towards the fire. She reached for a large mug and placed some herbs inside it and poured the boiling water over them.

“Drink this, it will make you feel better” she replied. She turned to face him and gave him a stern look indicating she was not interested in his present advances. She slowly gave him the mug of tea in which he causally accepted.

“Why are you here”

Wynnn looked at her intensely, she could see in his eyes that he was going to deliver a remark that was on par with his current situation, but she could see that he wanted more. Wynn paused, indicating she was correct, and bit his tongue.

“Why are you here”, she whispered to him.

Wynn looked around nervously. The seriousness of the encounter was starting to sober him up. He found a chair, and plunged in it and buried his face in his hands.

“Talk to me” the green elf druid said as she slowly rubbed that back of the ruined elf and held him in an embrace to comfort him.

“Well, maybe if you were too place your mouth on my…”

“Can it Wynn…or get the fuck out. I’m not one of your Phent harlots.” Was the angry response.
Wynnn looked up, pondering his options. The easy path was not there, but he was compelled to visit her for a reason. She was comfort to him, his outlet from the outlet. He did not know why he said that, only that was what came to his mind first. He was ashamed he said that.

“I’m sorry”

“What happened. Talk to me” she said.

Wynn took a sip of the mug of weird tea. It tasted familiar to him, but it was not delightful. He felt his mind starting to clear and felt Alanis’s eyes looking at him with curiosity and much sorrow.

“We went down lower into the castle” Wynn started.

“Cole has some visions and wanted to detour to the alter we had found earlier. We obliged. He found a magical hat and he took it in which afterwards we descended further. Once we got to the lower level, we heard this music playing. TeArtist was with me and it was much too good and classy for him so we investigated further and found out that some invisible wind elemental thingy need some musical instruments to escape. Of course the party was all over helping this thing escape and took inventory. Drum… a simple jade drum was all we needed. TeArtist found the music and order we needed to play to release the circus act. We pushed on, we needed to head into Gnome hell, which was the path forward. We assumed the drum will be here.
Gnome hells was fun, it consisted of contraptions and weird animated objects we trapped into rooms, hung from chains, or bashed in with weapons. The encounter was fun, like I said, I assisted DeArtist with hanging animated death carts while Cole and Hammah bashed them around.

It was up until a door in which shit got fucked up. I don’t remember much. The Drow came, they killed my friends and kept stabbing me. A part of me knew it was bullshit, but the other part of me knew otherwise. Afterwards, my friends were there. They helped me, but I could not help them. It was like it all happened again….fuck it“

Alanis starred at Wynn when he was finished, indicating she wanted more from him. He had opened up, even if it was minor.

Wynn continued looking at the ground…he was done.

“If you continue to perform this way Wynn, your friends will abandon you. What you do is dangerous and involves everyone to have a clean and healthy mind. Yours not so much right now.”
Wynn smirked

“Well, you have spoken highly in the past about Cole and Hummah and their moral values in which you have respect for. Follow their lead. You were once them. This wine and pussy charade you got going on is old Wynn. Either unfuck yourself or leave the realm. This is a disgrace to your family, to who you were, and the elven nation in general. I am here to help, but you need to help yourself first and let your past go.”
Wynn kept his gaze firmly on the ground and thought for a few. Too much already. He quickly stood up and flashed a roguish smile towards Alanis.

“So we gonna fuck or not”

Alanis pulled her robes tighter across her body.

“Bye Wynn”.



The Consoler
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